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  • Check out is noon, or you will be charged for another day
  • Check-in at 2pm
  • Shower Access (certain hours open/closed: open 6am-9am & 5pm -8pm), Restrooms
  • No Loud music, Quiet time is 10 pm- 8am
  • Parking Pass required on property
  • Pets kept on leash
  • Late check ins – check in with host & must check in at store the next morning! (To pay any remaining balance, parking passes, etc.)

Day Use………Price $5 per person children under the age of 12 are free
Pets are welcome @ $3 per pet

  • Parking and River access ONLY (no sites, picnic table, or fire pits to be used by Day use – discounts may apply
  • No shower access
  • Beach closes at 7pm
  • Parking pass Valid one day only

Launch/pull out………Price $10 PER car/canoe/boat

  • Parking and Launch only
  • Valid for one day only, no overnight parking

Cancellation Policy

Up until 3 days before date of reservation it will be a $10 cancellation fee PER SITE
$20 fee if cancelled after the 3 days before reservation

Example: Reservation set for 6/9/2017 cancel by 6/5/17 would be a $10 fee per site, anytime after 6/5/17 Would be a $20 cancellation fee per site.

Holiday Rate as follows applies to ALL SITES:

  • Mandatory 3+ Nights stay
  • Additional $5 per site/ night (Tent camping 3 night stay at $45/night =$135
    RV Rate = $165 or $180 for 3 night one site)

    • Pets are welcome @ $3 per pet/site/night (pet owners is responsible for picking up after pet!)
  • Additional car $10 fee applies (but only up to 15 Additional cars total allowed for the whole campground.)
  • No Day Use during Holiday Weekends
  • No discounts allowed during holiday weekends
  • Holiday rate applies to these holidays only – 1) Memorial weekend 2) 4th of July weekend 3) Labor Day weekend



Sun. – Thurs ONLY (No Fri/Sat discounts! No discounts on holidays!)

  • AAA & Good Sam – 15% will valid verifiable membership id number etc.
  • Passport America – 50% OFF with Valid proof of membership
    (we also offer Passport America, we sell IN STORE ONLY to customers)
  • Tribal discount (Dry Creek Pomo only)- first night of the season free and ½ off after that, for the season with Dry Creek Pomo Tribal ID

Discounts cannot be combined: Weekly Rate (7 night stays) has already been discounted so they can not add any discount the that rate of $245 max 3 consecutive week stay. Also they cannot leave and then come back for 3 weeks again not allowed.

River- No lifeguard on duty swim etc at own risk


Rules and Policies

Do your part to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable camping experience.
The following dates must be reserved for the 2017 minimum 3 night holiday camping stays:

  • Memorial Day: Nights of May 26, 27 and 28 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
  • Independence Day:  Minimum 3 night stay
  • Labor Day: Nights of Sept. 1, 2 and 3 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

If availability is open, campers are requested to renew sites by 10 a.m. Campgrounds are closed at 11 p.m. for late check ins, and no set-up of campsites may occur after midnight. Generators or other similar equipment which produce noise and may disturb neighboring campers are not permitted.

During busy season in June, July and August: A minimum of Thursday and Friday, Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday is required for weekend reservations. (Minimum of 2 nights)

Number of people/tents/vehicles per site: Six people is the maximum number allowed at a campsite. Each site may have two tents.

Vehicles will be limited to 1 per site. Additional vehicles may or may not be available at $10 fee per night. Any vehicle on campgrounds without a valid parking pass will be towed at owners expense. Reducing congestion and visitor safety are the reasons for the “one mode of transportation per site” rule.

Age of campers: At least one person at the campsite must be 18 years old. The responsible party registering for the campsite shall remain at the site for the entire stay.

*Visitors To your site: Day visitors are welcome. They must check at the front office before entering the Campground. Day use fees will apply. Hours are as follows 7am-7:30 pm each day. Parking passes are required at all times.

Tables: Each site is outfitted with one picnic table. Borrowing tables from other sites is not allowed and creates discord when they must be retrieved for the site from which they were taken.

Alcohol: Both daily visitors and campers are asked to be responsible when drinking alcohol. Possession of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is against the law; and this will be enforced.

Quiet Hours: are from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. At night, voices carry so moderation is essential.
Check-out time: is 12 p.m.
Check-In time: 2 p.m.

Fires and Firewood: Fires may be built only in the fire rings provided. Collecting firewood or cutting down standing trees on the campground is prohibited. Firewood is for sale at the campground store.

RV sites 1-22: If your R.V. is over 35 ft. you must have a staff member help guide you in and out of sites. Otherwise you will be responsible to pay for any damages made by your R.V.
All guests are required to check in at the campground store before entering property:
Quiet Time is: 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.
No Loud music
No Weapons of any kind on property
No Wood gathering
No Loitering
No Littering, do you part and help keep this campground as clean as possible. What you bring you take with you when you leave.
Dogs must be on leash. (see Help your Pet be a good guest)
No drugs of any kind; it is strictly prohibited on campground property.

All vehicles must come to a complete stop at the entrance of the campground. It is 5 MPH while using a motor vehicle on the campground. All motor vehicles must keep to the paved roads. Campers are required to have a parking pass in vehicles at all times while on the property. Parking passes are to be obtained at the store or in the office by staff member during check-in.

Disclaimer: Fees, operating hours, rules, cancellations and other details may change during the season. River has no lifeguard on duty allowing patrons to swim at their own risk.

*= Does not apply to busy times of the season; June, July, and August.

Help Your Pet Be A Good Guest

Pets are welcome! $3 fee per pet/night/site. Campgrounds can be busy, unfamiliar and even sometimes overwhelming places for dogs and other pets. Please follow these basic property rules regarding pets.

The 6-foot leash rule applies to the entire property and to all pets. The only time your pet may be off the leash is inside your camper, tent or vehicle. If it is not possible to keep your pet on a 6-foot leash, the best and safest option is for your pet to stay at home.
Please pick up after your pet. Animal waste can contain parasites. Buy waste bags at your pet store or bring plastic grocery bags. Before leaving, when cleaning your campsite, remove all pet waste and place the bags in the campground dumpster. Double bagging is helpful.

Campground quiet hours (10 p.m. – 7 a.m.) apply to all guests, including pets. If your dog barks excessively at your campsite, particularly during quiet hours, we may ask that you take your pet home.

Parks are not the place for territorial pets. If your pet is highly dominant or aggressive, please leave your animal at home in familiar territory.

When you go exploring, please take your pet with you. Keep your pet with you at all times. Do not leave your pet tied up at a campsite or locked in a car.

Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

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